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Santo Serafin (b 1699; d c1758) , Udine (till 1721), Venice (from 1721)
Santo Serafin moved from his home town to Venice in 1721, although he may have already trained as a violin maker in Udine with Francesco Goffriller. Serafin's earliest labels date from around 1725 but he did not set up his own shop until 1733, so he may well have worked in some of the other Venetian workshops during that period. His work draws much from Amati,  but are not without a recognisably Venetian flair. Serafin is regarded as the most elegant of the great Venetian makers and the accuracy of his work, combined with his use of beautiful wood, make his instruments some of the most physically attractive to emanate from Venice at this time. Serafin's cellos are also extremely well regarded, though not a match for those of his contemporaries, Montagnana and Matteo Goffriller. Serafin retired from the violin makers' guild in 1744, and seems to have made only a few instruments after this date, although he lived for another decade and a half. (excerpted from Four Centuries of Violin Making by Tim Ingles.)
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10638 violin 1718c
3407 violin 1717-1758  
3450 violin 1717-1758    
4550 violin 1717-1758      
4590 violin 1717-1758    
5806 double bass 1717-1758        
6119 violin 1717-1758    
6235 violin 1717-1758    
6974 violin 1717-1758    
7976 violin 1717-1758  
8575 violin 1717-1758    
10664 violin 1717-1758  
10667 violin 1717-1758      
10668 violin 1717-1758      
20129 violin 1717-1758  
20145 violin 1717-1758
3365 violin 1720c  
3839 violin 1720c    
3904 violin 1721    
3962 violin 1721      
Number of results: 117
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