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Giovanni Paolo Maggini (b c1580; d c1630) , Brescia
Giovanni Paolo Maggini was born at Botticino near Brescia and was the best known violin maker of the Brescian school. In 1586-7 Maggini moved to Brescia and began his apprenticeship with Gasparo da Salo. He set up on his own in 1606, and over the next twenty-five years he made significant steps in the development of the violin and viola. Maggini's violins conform to two patterns, one of which we now consider to be standard size (35.5cm) and the other measuring around 37cm. Maggini seems to have favoured the larger model, probably because of the richness of tone that it produced, and this model was probably the inspiration for Stradivari's 'Long Pattern' violins of the 1690s. His early violas, like those of da Salo, were about 44cm in length, but he reduced this to 41-42cm, establishing the standard for the contralto viola, probably around the same time that the Brothers Amati were making similar advances in Cremona. Maggini's labels are undated, making it difficult to chart his development, and this has contributed to confusion over a number of instruments that have traditionally been attributed to him. These are often very finely executed instruments, showing many of the characteristics of Maggini's work. These instruments were considered to be his best work, and include many of the most celebrated Maggini instruments. Recently, however, with the advent of dendrochronology, this type of' 'Maggini' has been shown to post-date the maker's death, raising the possibility that they were made by an as-yet-unidentified follower of Maggini in the second half of the 17th century. Like Girolamo Amati in Cremona, Maggini was a victim of the plague that struck northern Italy in 1630. He died in Brescia in 1630 or 1631, but the body of work he left behind guaranteed that city's place in violin-making history. (excerpted from Four Centuries of Violin Making by Tim Ingles.)
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5865 violin 1595c  
2146 violin 1594-1632 Dumas
2149 violin 1594-1632    
2150 violin 1594-1632 de Beriot    
2151 violin 1594-1632 de Beriot
2457 violin 1594-1632  
3579 cello 1594-1632 Galitzen-Cillo      
3801 violin 1594-1632      
3803 violin 1594-1632    
3806 violin 1594-1632    
4083 violin 1594-1632 Costa, Giorgio III    
4084 violin 1594-1632  
4714 violin 1594-1632    
4810 viola 1594-1632  
4961 viola 1594-1632      
5020 violin 1594-1632
5081 violin 1594-1632    
5149 double bass 1594-1632      
5301 violin 1594-1632  
5394 violin 1594-1632    
Number of results: 120
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