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Giovanni Battista Ceruti (b 1756; d 1817) , Cremona
"Giovanni Battista Ceruti was born just outside Cremona in the hamlet of Sesto, just ten months after the birth of Mozart in Salzburg, some two hundred miles away. Traditionally Ceruti is believed to have been a pupil of Lorenzo Storioni, but recently this notion has been challenged. He and his family moved to Cremona in 1786, but Ceruti did not take up violin making until about a decade later. It is likely that he had had contact with the Bergonzi brothers, Nicola and Carlo II, through the cloth trade, and they were probably the inspiration for his change of profession. When Storioni left Cremona  in 1802, Ceruti took advantage of his absence, and the first decade of the 19th century was his most productive period. Whether he actually took over Storioni's workshop is unclear. Ceruti's work is rather cleaner and more precise than Storioni's, but his choice of wood was often somewhat plain. His main contribution to the history of violin making was the rekindling of the Cremonese tradition, and over three generations the Ceruti family were the principal makers in Cremona. Giovanni Battista Ceruti died in 1817, probably a victim of the outbreak of typhus in Cremona that year." (excerpted from Four Centuries of Violin Making by Tim Ingles.)
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20175 violin 1780c  
6033 violin 1779-1821  
7540 cello 1779-1821  
9033 violin 1779-1821      
9034 violin 1779-1821      
12445 violin 1779-1821  
19596 violin 1779-1821      
19597 violin 1779-1821      
4963 viola 1780      
20770 violin 1785c  
170 violin 1790c  
9948 cello 1790c  
1894 violin 1791 Havemann  
4953 viola 1792      
7190 cello 1792      
3170 violin 1795c    
21910 viola 1795c  
5090 violin 1796      
20438 viola 1796
7133 violin 1798c      
Number of results: 92
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