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Matteo Goffriller (b 1659; d 1742) , b Bressanone, Venice from 1685
"Matteo Goffriller is generally considered to be the founder of the Venetian school of violin making. He was born in the Tyrolean town of Bressanone, not far from Bolzano, where he may well have learned the craft of violin making from Matteo Albani. In 1685 he moved to Venice, where he was apprenticed to Martin Kaiser. Showing considerable acumen for business as well as courtship, he married Kaiser's daughter in the following year, and had inherited Kaiser's business by 1690. For the next twenty-five years Goffriller was unrivalled in his position as Venice's principal maker of stringed instruments, and he had a profound influence on all the great Venetian makers of the early 18th century — Montagnana, Gobetti, Tononi, Serafin and Pietro Guarneri. His trademark deep red varnish, possibly inherited from Albani, was to become the hallmark of a Venetian instrument. He is best known for his cellos, which are considered inferior only to those of Stradivari and Montagnana."  (excerpted from Four Centuries of Violin Making by Tim Ingles.)
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1042 cello 1690c  
4306 cello 1690c  
19654 violin 1690c      
2902 cello 1689-1737 Cabot    
3206 violin 1689-1737    
3394 violin 1689-1737    
4400 violin 1689-1737 Youngman
4460 cello 1689-1737    
4485 cello 1689-1737      
4657 violin 1689-1737    
4916 violin 1689-1737    
5015 violin 1689-1737    
5044 violin 1689-1737  
5204 cello 1689-1737 Bedetti  
5497 violin 1689-1737  
5597 violin 1689-1737  
5599 violin 1689-1737
5827 violin 1689-1737    
8895 violin 1689-1737      
8946 violin 1689-1737        
Number of results: 288
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