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Jean Baptiste Vuillaume (b 1798; d 1875) , b Mirecourt, Paris (1818-1875)
Vuillaume was the single most influential personality in the violin world of the 19th century. A prolific maker, inventor, connoisseur and dealer, he established Paris as the centre of the violin trade, which it remained until after his death. Vuillaume moved to Paris in 1818 and trained with Francois Chanot and Lété before establishing his own business in the rue Croix des Petits Champs in 1827. He remained there until 1858, when he moved to the rue Demours at Les Ternes. During his career he employed many of the most skilled violin and bow makers of his day, including Nestor Audinot, Charles Maucotel, Hippolyte Silvestre, Honoré Derazey, the Peccatte brothers, Jean Persoit, Joseph Fonclause, Pierre Simon and Francois Voirin. Vuillaume's early instruments were very much in the mould of Lupot, but he soon began to develop as a copyist, particularly of Stradivari and Guarneri del Gesu, and occasionally of Maggini and Amati. His love of old instruments had a strong influence on his work. In 1838 he met Paganini, and subsequently made a number of copies of the 'Cannon' Guarneri del Gesu. In 1855 he famously acquired the 'Messie' Stradivari from Luigi Tarisio. Although Vuillaume boasted of his skills as a copyist, and allegedly tried to palm Paganini off with a copy of the 'Cannon', his instruments are not easily confused with the originals. In a career spanning over half a century, he and his workshop produced more than 3,000 instruments, and the fact that they exist in such great numbers makes them relatively easy to identify. In addition, the vast majority of them are labelled, branded, numbered and signed as Vuillaume's work.  (excerpted from Four Centuries of Violin Making by Tim Ingles.)
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11107 violin 1820c      
9148 violin 1819-1876 Zukerman  
9172 violin 1819-1876    
9653 small violin 1819-1876  
10223 violin 1819-1876    
10230 violin 1819-1876  
10233 violin 1819-1876  
10236 viola 1819-1876
10245 cello 1819-1876    
10257 violin 1819-1876    
10258 violin 1819-1876  
10262 violin 1819-1876    
10263 violin 1819-1876    
10274 violin 1819-1876  
10280 violin 1819-1876    
10281 violin 1819-1876    
10283 violin 1819-1876  
10307 viola 1819-1876    
10320 violin 1819-1876    
10338 violin 1819-1876    
Number of results: 812
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