• ID: 9399
  • Type: viola
  • Maker: Lorenzo Storioni
  • Year built: 1777c
  • City: Cremona
  • Name:
Label: original: "Laurentius Storioni fecit. Cremonae 1777 (?)"
Back: Two-piece cut on the slab
Ribs: of wood similar to back
Scroll: of wood similar to back
Front: of broad and irregular grain
Varnish: Golden-brown
Body Length: 40.8 cm.


Auction Date Note Estimate Hammer Price
Dorotheum, Vienna  Mar-31-2008    €200,000 - €250,000  For members only 
Dorotheum, Vienna  Nov-13-2007    €200,000 - €250,000  For members only 

Including buyer's premium
Current record for maker and instrument type
Record at time of sale for maker and instrument type


Certificate: Leandro Bisiach, May 5, 1929

Certificate: Giuseppe Ornati, Milan, June 15, 1945