• ID: 4125
  • Type: violin
  • Maker: Francesco Ruggieri
  • Year built: 1678
  • City: Cremona
  • Name: Joachim
Label: "Nicolaus Amati"
Back: Two-piece of medium curl
Ribs: cut on the slab
Scroll: of wood similar to back
Front: of medium grain
Varnish: Golden-brown
Body Length: 35.5 cm.


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Iconography Index

36 Famous Italian Violins, Alex Wasinski, Herman Gordon, New York, 1975: Color photos (front & back).

Bein & Fushi 1989 Calendar, Bein & Fushi, Chicago, 1989: Color photos (front & back).

Christies Fine Musical Instruments Catalog, March 23, 1994, London, Christie's: Color photos (front & back).

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Loan Exhibition of Stringed Instruments and Bows Commemorating the 70th Birthday of Simone Fernando Sacconi, Schuler Verlagsgesellschaft, Stuttgart, 1966: Black-and-white photos (front & back - listed as a work of Nicolo Amati).


Owner Owned From Owned In Owned Till Price paid
Miss T. Kobayashi    1989     
Joseph Joachim          

Current owner Current owner
Indicates that the owner is or was also a musician Indicates that the owner is or was also a musician


Auction Date Note Estimate Hammer Price
Christie's, London  Jun-22-1994    £60,000 - £75,000  For members only 
Christie's, London  Mar-23-1994    £80,000 - £90,000  For members only 

Including buyer's premium
Current record for maker and instrument type
Record at time of sale for maker and instrument type


Certificate: Bein & Fushi, Chicago, September 20, 1988